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Here’s How You Can Make A Difference….

With South Africa, together with the rest of the global community, in a lockdown, millions of people across the country have been ordered to stay at home. Thousands of people in working class communities are hard hit with little or no money to buy basic food and baby products.

Phoenix Child Welfare has received numerous calls from desperate residents who are either unemployed, or ordered to stay at home without pay because of the lockdown.

These desperate residents have limited or no food and are appealing for assistance. Phoenix Child Welfare has responded to this crisis, and with the help of donors & volunteers, have set up a Food Relief Campaign.

We appeal to businesses, religious and community groups and all concerned citizens to donate cash, non-perishable goods and detergents to our relief programme. All donations will be recorded and distributed to those in need as identified by the Society.

For further information, please call call our offices on +27 31 500 3671, Mon- Fri, during office hours or email: donations@pcw.org.za.

Please note that our Society is authorised to issue Section 18A receipts, which means that donations to our Society are tax deductible. A Section 18A receipt will be issued on request.