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Children’s Foundation

“Children helping other children”

The Phoenix Children’s Foundation is a project of Phoenix Child Welfare and was launched in 2007 during the Phoenix Fair out of a need to develop social responsibility and build character in children. It was found that schools often focus on academia and sport and that this aspect of a learner’s development was often neglected.

The main aims and objectives of the Foundation are:

• To encourage children to actively participate in society’s activities and community service.
• To acknowledge outstanding achievements of children in various fields like youth empowerment, sport, dance, debates, science etc. These children serve as ambassadors of the Foundation; it is important to recognise them as this serves as an inspiration to other children.
• Membership is open to all children under the age of 18 and membership forms are available from the Society or online.
• Funds raised by the Foundation are used primarily for the upliftment of children in need of care.

Some of the projects members are involved in are:

• Collecting and donating clothes and toys for the children of the Society.
• Winter warmth collection
• Members spent a day at the Verulam Day Care Centre giving senior citizens a “Pamper Day” which included refreshments, meals and entertainment.
• Members were involved in an Easter egg drive where Easter eggs were collected from friends, family, businesses, etc. and these were then distributed to needy children.
• Children’s Christmas Party. Members donated stationery and toiletries to children at the Christmas party.
• Achievers tea
• Beach clean-up at Durban’s North Beach
• Members organised a Reading Program where 50 children with reading difficulties where work shopped by a Librarian.
• Participating in leadership Workshops
• Children are encouraged to make a monetary pledge during any special occasion (e.g. their birthday, Christmas, Diwali, Eid etc.).
Achievers Awards

The annual Achievers Awards evening was held on the 3rd February 2016 at the Phoenix Community Youth Centre. This event acknowledges the triumphs of the children in our community. Schools are requested to nominate one learner who is involved in various community projects and who has brought honour to their school. These learners’ achievements are celebrated at the ceremony and are handed awards.
It is very encouraging to note that many young children from primary schools are actively involved in community projects. The Society will continue to extend learning opportunities beyond academia to the children of the community and encourage them to show selflessness by caring for the disadvantaged children in our schools and community.